Are you looking for premium tools to help you increase the production rate and achieve high-quality finishing for wood coatings? Are you looking to reduce VOCs and material waste? Are you tired of rework due to faulty equipment or spray guns that do not perform as they should? We can help.




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Wood is a common material used to furnish and decorate a home. You can do so with multiple types of wood, grain, styles, and finishing. When painting wood, the painter must account for complications. There are various coatings of different materials for a flawless look, each unique to the application. You need equipment that can handle all types of coatings. To position yourself for success, you need equipment that helps you perform better, minimize mistakes, and increase your efficiency. To achieve this, the tools must deliver a quality finish.

With years of experience in the industry, we have listened to your concerns and focused our efforts on providing quality equipment that can solve your need. The industry continues to evolve, but two factors remain critical: efficiency and quality.   Our applicators produce high transfer efficiency and deliver a quality finish consistently, applying even coatings throughout the entire process. This will save you money by reducing the amount of wasted material and reducing VOCs that harm the environment and your painter’s health. We’ve got you covered, whether you paint wood for a living or just do so as a hobby.

We offer leading non-electrostatic spray guns in the market that can handle oil-based and water-based paints, lacquer, varnish, polyurethane, and UV coatings. Our guns are designed with the painter in mind by taking ergonomics to the next level. We provide lightweight guns with an easy, light trigger and no kick air valve to eliminate recoil. Less fatigue means higher productivity. We also offer a full range of automatic applicators that can be easily fitted to automated finishing lines.

In addition to our spray guns, we offer state-of-the-art plural component mix/metering systems for superior efficiency and production flexibility. They feature color change capabilities when tinting and are available with multiple channels. Our product line also includes pressure feed tanks and pumps for every need, while our wide range of hose fittings and accessories can be applied to any setup required. Whatever your equipment need, we’ve got you covered.

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