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Do you currently work as a painter or are you responsible for a paint shop for an industrial company? Is your job to guarantee quality paint jobs with either mixed material, powder or liquid coating, or fluid handling? Do you need a solution that can provide quality automated systems, pumps, accessories, and all required peripherals? You have reached the right place.




Why Carlisle Fluid Technologies

There are many product lines or machines within every industry that require painting for better performance, extended life, or even decorating. When a need arises, you need a company where you can find multiple equipment solutions with exceptional quality. Your tools should be versatile and adaptable. You can do this by using tools built with the industry in mind.

With years of experience in this industry, we have listened to your concerns and focused our efforts on providing quality equipment that can solve your every need. We understand that your reputation is paramount and that you must account for every detail, all while reducing costs. Thousands of nation-wide engineers, contractors, specialists, and even DIY-ers trust our brands due to our detail-oriented approach. We feature products conceived with the painter in mind, with unique features, lightweight materials, and ergonomic triggers. At Carlisle, we are committed to delivering products of the highest quality.

We have what you need from spray guns for robot assembly lines, manual electrostatic and non-electrostatic spray guns, infrared curing solutions, rotary atomizers, and pumps that supply paint in a pulse-free flow, among others. Our versatile guns have multiple tips for every application. Our rotary atomizers offer versatility in bell cup atomization. Our abundant options for hose fittings and accessories are at your disposal for any setup required. Carlisle Fluid Technologies provides quality equipment that can solve your finishing needs.

With each product, we have taken care to solve the most critical issues you face today. Our applicators produce high transfer efficiency, which help you reduce the amount of wasted material and reduce VOCs that harm the environment and your painter’s health. This will save you money by decreasing the amount of paint wasted and reducing the amount of time spent by utilizing more efficient spray equipment.

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