Whether you are responsible for painting glass at an industrial company, coating glass bottles in mass volume, painting glass for architectural purposes or overseeing windshield coatings at an automotive company, Carlisle has an ideal product for you. Are you worried that your equipment leads to delays or rework due to poor quality finishing or drips? Are you concerned about the environmental impact of VOCs and material wasting? We have a solution for all these troubles.



Why Carlisle Fluid Technologies

Painting glass, as with other materials, requires preparation and skill. The piece’s shape can complicate the task if you don’t have versatile equipment that is easy to handle and has multiple tips for every need. When doing quality checks, if the finish isn’t perfect, you may need to start over. You could have saved time if only the spray was consistent and allowed you to reach the required opacity and smoothness needed.

With years of experience in the industry, we have analyzed the main issues that arise when painting glass and focused our efforts on providing quality equipment. You need to safeguard your brand’s reputation and reduce costs in the process. This is done by utilizing more efficient spray equipment that will save you money by decreasing the amount of paint wasted and reducing the amount of time spent.

Our applicators produce high transfer efficiency, which helps reduce the amount of wasted material and VOCs. With Carlisle Fluid Technologies innovative and sustainable solutions, you will not require re-coating the finished product for color match. Our products help you reduce re-work and become more efficient.

We offer innovative products for the Glass industry, including: automatic spray guns for assembly lines, infrared curing solutions, and ovens that can be personalized, among others. You can fit the automatic guns with multiple tips for every application, and our abundant options for hose fittings and accessories are at your disposal for any setup required. If you need an additional coating for protection and clear coating, our tools are ready to help.

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