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Carlisle Fluid Technologies’ Ransburg brand is a global leader in the design and manufacture of manual and automatic electrostatic finishing equipment. As a leader in electrostatic spray finishing to key industrial, manufacturing and automotive Tier 1 markets, Ransburg continues to refine its most efficient electrostatic spray painting technology, aspiring to deliver a “Class A” finish to each and every customer’s product, while reducing VOC emissions and providing excellent transfer efficiency.


Harold Ransburg, inventor of the electrostatic process, developed the first electrostatic application system in the 1940s with the introduction of the Ransburg No. 1 Indirect Charge Process. Engineering expertise over the years helped Ransburg achieve material transfer efficiency levels of up to 98% with significant reductions in overspray and reduced VOC emissions. The company was acquired by Carlisle Companies in 2015. Today, Ransburg’s cutting-edge technology has led to the development of rotary atomizers and applicators with superior atomization. Many of which are used in facilities seeking quality finishes with high transfer efficiencies.

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