Liquid Finishing

If it’s pumped, mixed, metered, applied, or cured, Carlisle Fluid Technologies has you covered with liquid application and process equipment. We offer a complete line of pressure tanks, pneumatic and electric pumps as well as plural component metering equipment to provide your coating materials to the point of application. Once the material is ready to be applied, we offer a full range of manual, automatic and robot mounted applicators that utilize airless, air and rotary atomization with or without electrostatics to provide optimal finish quality and application efficiency. Once the material is applied, we offer a full line of curing technology to finish the job. Contact Carlisle Fluid Technologies to provide a complete finishing solution.

Carlisle Fluid Technologies offers a wide range of finishing solutions from a manual spray applicator to a complete automated finishing system. Built on a legacy of innovation, we work with our distributors, industry partners and coating suppliers to develop highly efficient systems for our end-user customers.

Liquid Finishing Solutions

By focusing on our goals of putting more material on every part, reducing VOCs, and helping customers increase profits by reducing waste, we have served our customers well.

Finding the best fit for your product line is what we do at Carlisle Fluid Technologies. We provide all of the components required to take your coating materials from the supply container and mix, meter or simple pump to the point of application. Application technology includes stationary, machine or robot mounted applicators utilizing the most advanced conventional or electrostatic atomization technology to provide optimal transfer efficiency and finish quality.

With our commitment to continuous improvement, we have been leading the industry in effective applications for years. With over 375 years of collective experience, our diverse portfolio of brands; Binks, DeVilbiss, Ransburg, BGK and HOSCO, allows us to create a wide range of highly engineered products and innovative application solutions.


In 1883: Dr. Allen DeVilbiss invents the first atomizer for healthcare applications which evolves into a spray gun that revolutionizes how paint is applied.

Today: DV1 Basecoat and Clearcoat applicators are considered best-in-class for providing optimal appearance and overall finish quality while maintaining high transfer efficiency.


1890:  Joseph Binks, a maintenance worker at department store, wants to increase productivity and pioneers the first cold-water spraying machine.

Today: Electric and pneumatic pump technology over a wide range of pressures and configurations can be designed to optimize coating supply needs with improved color change capabilities and reduced solvent usage.


1936: Harold Ransburg, working in his father’s factory begins experimenting with charged paint, and develops the electrostatic application process.

Today: High speed electrostatic rotary atomizers designed for robotic or machine mounted applications provide optimal efficiency reducing paint usage 40 – 60% over non-electrostatic applications.

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