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Do you own or work at an automotive paint shop and have a desire to improve your performance with quality equipment? Do you feel like your current tools are limiting your ability to upgrade your designs and improve customer satisfaction? You need equipment that is as good as your abilities; tools that will help you succeed.


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When a customer requests a paint job on a whole car or just a specific part of the vehicle, you aim to achieve more than their minimum expectations. This is not always easy since you need to provide a finish that matches factory specifications. You also need to equal its gloss and color without having to re-coat. On the other hand, you have a budget. Equipment that can reduce drips, has a higher transfer efficiency rate, and can help you complete your job faster is critical for your business.

With multiple years of building solutions for your everyday needs, Carlisle Fluid Technologies understands industry technology and trends to ensure that our equipment fits many applications. We know there is nothing more valuable than the “Wow” factor when delivering the finished product to your customer. Our aim is to equip you with the necessary tools to make this possible.

We have multiple spray gun options for liquid applications, disposable cups, pressure pots with available tank liners, and a range of hoses and fittings for any environment you require. What you can expect from a Carlisle brand is nothing but the best.

When you purchase equipment from Carlisle, our applicators produce high transfer efficiency, which helps reduce the amount of wasted material and VOCs. We provide sustainable and innovative solutions that will save you money by decreasing the amount of paint wasted and reducing the amount of time spent by utilizing more efficient spray equipment. Working faster means higher throughput, which in turn leads to higher revenues.

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