Whether you are in the business of painting commercial or military aircraft or are part of a supply chain of OEM parts painting, Carlisle Fluid Technologies has the perfect product for your needs. Are you worried that the coating may not be enough or require additional layers that may add weight to the aircraft? You are in the right place.




Why Carlisle Fluid Technologies

There are many reasons to paint an aircraft. It may be that the coating protects against corrosion or that you need the aircraft to represent a brand with its colors and logo. Whatever the reason, each require professional equipment to achieve the desired outcome. You need the right tools that can guarantee finish quality. This will save you money by decreasing the amount of paint wasted and reducing the amount of time spent by utilizing more efficient spray equipment.

With years of experience in the spray gun industry, we continue to be an industry leader by understanding the amateur and specialized painter’s needs. The needs continue to evolve, but two factors remain critical: efficiency and quality. Those are two pillars on which Carlisle Fluid Technologies bases its product decisions.

Our equipment is designed to produce smooth coating results that allow for easy cleaning and can create an even coating without multiple layers. We offer options for both electrostatic and non-electrostatic applications. Our applicators produce high transfer efficiency, which help you reduce the amount of wasted material and reduce VOCs that harm the environment and your painter’s health.

Our state-of-the-art curing solutions are ideal. These solutions work with all conveyor types and are available in booster ovens, or a combination of systems. We use infrared solutions to cure powder, liquid coatings and several other types of finishes and adhesives. Along with our pressure feed tanks and plural component mix/metering systems, we provide the entire system so you can complete your job in the best way possible.

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